May is Mental Health Awareness Month


As this week kicks off Mental Health Awareness Month, I wanted to send out an email with some helpful tips to help improve awareness of this important topic. Many of you who know me may be aware that I suffered from severe anxiety for most of my 20’s and well into my 30’s, so this theme is something I know just a little bit about. Thankfully, I had family who helped me to survive the ups, downs and incessant panic attacks that were often triggered when I least expected it.

As I got older, I learned a lot of cognitive-behavioral methods that helped, determined my food sensitivities (I’ll bet you didn’t know bananas or milk can trigger a panic attack) and arranged my diet accordingly, I got new glasses to help my visual issues that apparently could trigger the attacks, and at one point I even tried meds for about 4 months, but they weren’t for me. The more I learned, the stronger my inclination became to create order for myself, to have simple systems to prevent overwhelm, and to own less, to decrease stress and decision-fatigue. I studied psychology at the master’s level to obtain theoretical perspective and to read studies accounting for current practice in the field. I even became a professional organizer and decluttering expert so that I can help people every day to live with less and have better mental health.

All this to say that there are many wonderful charities all around Michigan that I am meeting and learning about through this Love Bigger Community development I am doing, who help support mental health, not the least of which is the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. If you or anyone you love is suffering from anxiety, depression or overwhelm, please recommend they speak with someone. Many people with suicidal ideation feel isolated and do not feel they have someone they can talk to in their immediate family or circle of friends. AFSP can help! The number to call is 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or you can now text TALK to 741741 to text a trained counselor on the Crisis Text Line 24/7. To find a mental health provider, go to or

Today I visited Goodwill of Metro Detroit for a tour of their work skills training facilities as well as to meet their leadership. This team is committed to improving the social determinants of health for all those they serve. From their occupational training programs, life skills training for the mentally ill, work coaching and mentoring programs, to the Flip the Script program for those headed for or leaving incarceration to get jobs and degrees and live the lives they were born to live, Goodwill exists to serve and help improve overall mental health and wellbeing. If you area part of a group who would like to help serve Goodwill, they have First Fridays Group Volunteer opportunities available., and their tours are very eye-opening as to all of the good they are doing around our city and country.

Another wonderful charity I met this month is called Trinity Community Care and they provide medical and dental mission care to local Detroit area communities. The ability to smile and feel confident can greatly affect our mental health. Dental infections, left unchecked, can also wreak havoc on our mental wellbeing, causing brainfog and depression. Those who do not think they can afford the help, or who do not have the resources to pay for the extensive dental work they may need, may find themselves depressed and in constant pain, which is NOT a good combination. This charity can bring the services to them! If you know of someone 19-64 who needs medical care, or someone over 19 years old who needs dental care, please let them know to contact 586-649-3014 to learn more. If you are a medical or dental professional who wants to support providing care to those in need, please contact to submit a volunteer application or call the number above.

Thanks for reading and caring about supporting better mental health in our local communities around Michigan.


Just a quick update on the progress of the Love Bigger app. We are live and working to get more charities added, but we are also working on some improvements to the SHARING ENGINE! We have surpassed 200 donors in our “Community of Joyful Givers, “and now we are working to improve interactions between donors and charities. We are also busy networking on the sustainability side to gain access to more retail partners who can offer new and intact returned merchandise to the pipeline for our charities to choose instead of the material shipping offshore or going into a landfill. So, in addition to used items, we hope to create a funnel of new items for sharing as well. We are working to improve our interactions with our charities so that we can get needs updated regularly and keep their sites interactive daily. Please reach out to or if you have any questions.



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