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Love Bigger

We exist to create a dynamic, ongoing connection between people who have needs and those who can donate items to meet them. It sounds simple doesn’t it? But what we’ve found is that through time, schedules, or lack of resources,  it isn’t always as easy as it seems. That’s why we are here. We streamline the process of discovering charities who help people in need and meeting those needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Something brought you here. Maybe you are downsizing and are not sure where to take the extra. Maybe you are an organization helping those in need. Maybe you have something to donate or time to volunteer. Or maybe you are just concerned about some of the less fortunate in your community. No matter the reason, there’s something that connects all of us so we can Love Bigger. 

Needs In Your Community

No matter where you live, someone in your community is in need of clothes, furniture, food, etc.

Find the solution

Clean & organize your home and you will find you have a lot of extra of things. The things that your community needs.

Love Bigger

Don’t put it on the curb or throw it in the trash!

Register on the Love Bigger app to quickly and easily locate, learn about and support the charity of your choice.


It’s a little like speed dating. Our program simultaneously allows charities and donors to see what the needs are and what’s available in their local community. This eliminates the need to update or track websites, social media, or newsletters and instead offers one platform that immediately connects all the latest updates.

Our Love Bigger platform provides a streamlined process for charities to list their needs using stories, photos, and specific item requests. With our convenient app, a charity can eliminate the steps of figuring out how or where to get the word out. Instant updates to their profile can happen at the touch of a button. With donors connected into the same streamlined system, this means that not only are the needs recognized faster and more easily, but can also be met more efficiently as well.


Help our users mindfully and sustainably downsize to reduce stress and overwhelm in their homes.


Partner with charities all over the US so that people in their community find out they exist and who they serve!


Enable donors to deliver, schedule pickups and/or purchase new items to funnel directly to charities.


Link donors directly to charity websites and information about specific families in need all over the US.


Educate individuals on needs in their community and bring stories to life to show the impact of items offered.


  • Millions of people are mindfully reducing their possessions
  • Minimalism, Essentialism and similar philosophies are taking hold
  • Sustainable downsizing is booming
  • Be good to the Earth by keeping usable items out of landfills
  • See your impact and lift up those in need in your community