Planning Some Home Improvements?

Will you be updating your furniture, fixtures, rugs or other household items?

What will you do with the old ones?

Consider joining the Love Bigger App and seeking out charities in your community that you can support with your extra! The items you no longer need may just provide a miracle to someone you have never met. Join our community of joyful givers today!

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So how does Love Bigger help?

Quickly and easily find a good home for items you love but no longer can use!

Communicate with the charity about drop off and pick up options and discover where you can safely take your items.

Make space to design a decluttered home you love to live in!

It's so simple to donate!

  1. Download the app to your iPhone or Android phone.
  2. Watch this quick video to show you how to offer an item in the Love Bigger app. (Click Here)
  3. Use the mapping function to locate a charity near you and you can drop off the item directly if you choose.
  4. Track your donations in the app by marking the item as donated, and noting which charity received your item.
    (You can create a report at year-end to total up your donations for taxes.)

Thanks for checking out Love Bigger! We always appreciate your feedback as we are continuously improving the app. If you have comments or need assistance, visit the Contact Us page to call or use our contact form!

XO Jen and the Team

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