Welcome to the Love Bigger, LLC frequently asked questions department. We have correlated our users' inquiries and we will be updating these regularly. If there is a question that we have not already answered, please reach out to our customer success team via the Contact form on our website. If you have something of a more pressing nature, please call our direct phone line at 248-560-7010. We will get back with you just as soon as we can.


Answer: First is to go to www.lovebigger.com from your cell phone and click on the link to load the app. Another way is to go to the App Store on iPhone or the Google Play store on Android and you can search for "Love Bigger" and the app will appear. Download the app to your device and follow the prompts to sign up. We are launching state by state, so anyone can download and sign up, but you may have to wait for notification that we are live in your state. We hope to cover the entire United States by the end of 2024, sooner if the movement grows quickly!

Finding Charities

Answer: When you open the app, your landing screen will be a list view depicting all of the charities near you. Click the search button at the bottom left center of your screen to access the search screen. On that screen you can choose the list view or the map view. You can type search criteria into the box at the top of the page where you can search by name, charity type, location or item type, or search geographically if you are looking for a specific location. Click the little filter button at the top left and there are even more options. If you choose the map view, you can manipulate the map and zoom in on the locations you would like to see. Then click on the three lines at the top left to return to the list view and the charities you have focused upon will show on the list. Click the listing to see more details about the charity.

Adding Items

Answer: Open the app and on the landing screen you will see a blue circle at the bottom center with a + on it. Click the blue button and then Add Item. Add your item and fill in the pertinent information. Add a couple of hashtags to make the item searchable, and click Add at the bottom. Now your item will be made available to charities in your area and they can reach out to you via messaging about the item. If you simply want to take the item to a charity yourself, then you can also do without waiting for a charity to contact you.

Answer: Yes, you can, because charity volunteers will be scanning available items daily and they may have a need they have not listed yet.

Matching Needs

Answer: The Love Bigger App matches needs a charity lists by item type, description, hashtags and categories, so that charities can be notified of available items in their area that may fit their requirements. Only charities with Heart & Hand or Preferred Charity subscriptions receive the auto-matching notifications.

Donation Process

Answer: Some charities will put an Amazon link in the item listing and if you click those links you will be taken to Amazon and provided the address for the item to be shipped. Please note that we are an Amazon Affiliate and are paid commission for the sale of the items. This helps us to cover our costs to develop the app and keep the costs low for our charity partners, so please use the link we provide if possible. It helps us to keep the app free for donors too.

Answer: Once you add the item to your items list, you can choose to donate it at any time. If you choose to deliver it to charity yourself, simply follow the directions provided by the charity and you can mark the item as donated right in the app. It will notify the charity that you have delivered the item and will also track your donations so that you can have all of the information for your tax preparation or personal records.

Answer: Most charities prefer new or gently used items. The age of the item is not as important if it is clean and in working order with minimal damage. Please check the charity's listing to assure your item is an item they accept. If you are not sure, please call or direct message a charity representative within the app. They can offer you direction as to whether or not the item will be acceptable so you don't waste a trip. Our goal is to help keep usable items out of landfills, while providing charities with quality options for them to use to serve our neighbors in need. Ask yourself, "would I use this item if someone gave it to me?"

Answer: Items that should not be donated are puzzles with missing pieces, hazardous materials of any kind, broken toys, ripped or stained clothing, used personal items, dusty or dirty items, prescription medications, weapons of any kind, items with pet dander or fur on them and anything with profanity or NSFW graphics are a few things that should not be offered up for donation.

Answer: We are working with our charity partners to be able to enhance the transportation of goods to the charity locations for little or no cost at this time. We also have promotional partners joining us who will be able to be accessed right in the app and they will be able to pick up items for reasonable fees if you choose. to click over to them.We will update these options as they become available.

Answer: Many charities are in dire need of volunteers right now, so they may list needs of this nature as well. Please take a look at charities near you to see where you can help. One of our main reasons for being is to create connections in communities where there are none right now. We want to get neighbors helping neighbors. So make that phone call, and ask the charity you are curious about how you can make an in-kind donation or share a skill that you have.

Answer: There are many ways to support your charity financially. You can purchase new items to ship directly to them. You can follow a link to their home page and click on their donation link. Or you can choose to Fund Your Charity's Love Bigger Membership for a Year by using the form on our Contact Us page of our website. We will let the charity know and they will provide you with a letter of recognition of your contribution. This is a great way to keep the mission of your favorite charities alive and in the public eye on the app!

Answer: In your profile, which you can enter by clicking your photo/icon in the upper left-hand corner, there will be a pink box that says, "Reports". Click there and you can choose an annual report or a monthly report to print for your records.

User Account Management

Answer: One person should have their own account, or if the account is for a specific household, then that is acceptable as well.

Privacy and Security

Answer: If you forget your password, you can log into the app by using facial recognition, thumbprint or you can click on Forgot My Password on the home page. You will be emailed a way to log into the app from there.


Answer: Charity memberships are designated by the site location. Each location must carry a separate membership. Sign up as a Donor on the app first. Once you are signed up, go to your profile by clicking the icon at the top left corner. Once there, click My Charities, then Register New Charity if you want to add a charity for the first time and be the Owner. If you are not the charity Owner, then click Join Charity. That will put you onto the team for that charity, pending approval of the Owner of the account. Fill out the questions and you will be sent to our queue for approval. We have a 6-step approval process that includes vetting through a number of sites including the IRS. Once approved, you will receive an email confirmation and you can then proceed within the app.

Answer: As many people as the charity allows to join can join the volunteer team at the charity, all under the same membership. The Charity Owner, or the first person to sign up who is in leadership at the charity, has the ability to permit all other individuals to join.

Privacy and Security

Answer: If you forget your password, you can log into the app by using facial recognition, thumbprint or you can click on Forgot My Password on the home page. You will be emailed a way to log into the app from there.

Answer: You can post as many stories as you like and they can be up to 3 minutes long each.


Answer: Did you know we have a YouTube Channel dedicated to our Love Bigger movement, sustainable and charitable downsizing, learning how to Thrive through life's changes and more! https://www.youtube.com/@LoveBiggerOfficial/videos will get you there. Enjoy!


Answer: Go to the Love Bigger website and go to the Contact Us page. You can submit a contact form there and someone will reach out to you for clarification. Thank you, in advance, for your feedback.